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Centri Friûl Lenghe 2000, Italy
Grant Dizionari Bilengâl Talian-Furlan (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) Dictionary for the Friulian (Furlan) language. The application permits searching for Italian and Friulan words and viewing their meaning and translation. Another functionality allows looking up the declination of nouns and adjectives and the conjugation of verbs.
Contact: Luca Peresson
Giannis Economou, Greece
The Pure Perl RayCaster (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) The Pure Perl RayCaster is a small simple Ray casting application written completely in Perl without using OpenGL or any other 3D API library.It is well suited for educational purposes, in order to study, understand, tweak and try well known fundamental 3D Computer Graphics techniques.
Contact: Giannis Economou
Kephra Team,
Kephra (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) fresh Programmers Texteditor along perly Paradigmes
Contact: Herbert Breunung
Mark Dootson, UK
Cava Packager (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) GUI driven alternative application packager for Perl.
Contact: Mark Dootson
Peter van der Landen
Videobox (Windows) Play video's on your TV controlled by your Squeezebox RC. A remote controlled Windows Media Player. Especially suited for control by the wonderful Squeezebox or SliMP3 MP3 player devices, but a GUI RC application is bundled.
Contact: Peter van der Landen
pVoice Software, The Netherlands
pType (Windows) pType is an application for severely disabled children who can use it to learn how to write by selecting letters and form words (a kind of an on-screen keyboard)
pVoice (Windows) pVoice is an application for severely disabled children who can use it to speak by selecting symbols and/or photos.
Contact: Jouke Visser
Squirrel Consultancy, The Netherlands
EekBoek (Windows, Linux) Accounting software for small and medium-size businesses, developed for the european style of bookkeeping. EekBoek has a programmable API, and both a versatile command-line interface (CLI) and a graphical user-interface (GUI, under development).
Contact: Johan Vromans
Tomohiro Hosaka, Japan
RSBase Importer (Windows) Data converter. Import from inspection result data from each analyzer then export to master databasse. (RS_Base)
Contact: bokutin
VisualWx team, Italy
VisualWx (Windows) Rad & Gui Editor for wxPerl
Contact: Antonio
Wordit Limited, UK
Prima (Windows) Wordit Prima makes databases as easy as web browsing by combining a database with a web browser.
UploadAway (Windows) UploadAway is an automated uploading utility. Swiftly update an entire web site with one click. Supports multiple sites. Automatic chmod of executables, conversion of spaces to underscores, and upper to lower-case characters in filenames.
Contact: Marcus Friedlaender

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