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This list is for wxPerl users, you can visit the archives. You can post to the list at To subscribe, send an empty mail to To unsubscribe, send an empty mail to Many thanks to the administrators for hosting the list.


You can also join the #wxperl IRC channel on to gather advices from other wxPerl users. If you have an IRC client the following link should open it to If you are new to IRC and don't have a client yet, you can use the web based IRC client provided by Mibbit: #wxperl channel using Mibbit. If you need help to connect to this IRC network, see the help page at

Project page

wxPerl is graciusly hosted by SourceForge; from the project page you can access the bug tracker, download previous releases, submit feature requests, etc.


a commercial tool for designing user interfaces for wxPerl (and wxWidgets and wxPython, too). A trial version is available for download.
a GUI designer written in Python with the popular GUI toolkit wxPython, that helps you create wxWidgets/wxPython/wxPerl user interfaces. At the moment it can generate Python, Perl, C++ and XRC (wxWidgets' XML resources) code.


AAC::Pvoice is a set of modules to create software for people who can't use a normal mouse and/or keyboard.
Author: Jouke Visser
A bridge between POE and wxPerl. POE::Loop::Wx allows writing wxPerl GUIs for POE applications.
Author: Mike Schroeder, Ed Heil
a wrapper for wxActiveX. It allows using ActiveX controls such as Internet Explorer and Flash from wxWidgets/wxPerl programs. It only works under Windows. The current version provides specialised interfaces for Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Flash and Windows Media Player.
Author: Graciliano Monteiro Passos
Download: Perl 5.8.x, Perl 5.8.x/Unicode
a wrapper for wxWidgets' wxGLCanvas, used to display OpenGL graphics. To use it you will need the OpenGL module. OpenGL for ActivePerl 8xx.
Author: Mattia Barbon
Download: Perl 5.8.x, Perl 5.8.x/Unicode
a Wx::FileSystemHandler subclass, replacement for Wx::InternetFShandler. It allows retrieving documents for Wx::HtmlWindow (and other classes using Wx::FileSystem) via LWP::UserAgent.
Author: Mattia Barbon
A throbber displays an animated image that can be started, stopped, reversed, etc. Useful for showing an ongoing process (like most web browsers use) or simply for adding eye-candy to an application.
Author: Simon Flack
a Wx::TreeCtrl whose items can be checked using checkboxes.
Author: Simon Flack


PerlWrapper is an Xcode project that lets you wrap your Perl application together with its modules, resource files and third-party libraries inside a Mac OS X application bundle (.app).
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