Chapter 3. Constants

wxWindows uses several constants (like wxWHITE or wxSUNKEN_BORDER), both to specify option values and to provide some useful constants. In wxPerl, before you use a constant, you must import it in your namespace. This is done (as usual) with the 'use' statement.

    use Wx qw(wxWHITE);

When you write a real program, however, importing 'by hand' all constants you need one by one will be annoying, so there is a shorthand method: instead of enumerating the constants, you may use a colon followed by a tag specifying the constants you want.

    use Wx qw(:window :textctrl);
    use Wx qw(:pen);
    use Wx qw(:image wxSTANDARD_CURSOR);
    use Wx qw(:everything);     # really quick and dirty

Currently defined tags are: everything, cursor, button, notebook, misc (wxDefault(Size|Position|Validator)), joystick, imagelist, colour, combobox, listbox, statictext, layout (alias for constraints), toolbar scrolledwindow, radiobutton, staticline, region, id (wxID_*), scrollbar, menu, font, panel, window, dialog, icon, spinbutton, image, gauge, textctrl slider, radiobox, color (alias for colour), splitterwindow, brush, dc, pen, bitmap, spinctrl, frame, sizer.